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Objective of the Organization

  • To enhance the capacity of leadership to promote educational, cultural, traditional, Social activities among the rural people.
  • To promote and strengthen the village level development agencies.
  • To enhance the capacity for self-reliance and sustainability through mobilizing local resource among the community.
  • To enhance the capacity and building skill of staff and community and local developments agencies to achieve desirable goal of the organization for the larger community.
  • To enhance the capacity to development planning and making policy.
  • To co-operate with like-minded organization and government to support and facilities to the society as well as community
  • To co-ordinate with Government and financial institution to support the community.
  • To fight against child labour.
  • To fight against discrimination of Gender.
  • To work for Empowerment of Women.
  • To promote and motivate the formation of SHG and build up their capacities